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Ocean-friendly choices at home

Sustainability and having seafood on the table isn’t only for your favorite places to eat out! You can make sustainable and ethical choices when grocery shopping and figuring out what to buy for your seafood pantry
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Seafood health benefits

Different types of seafood have many health benefits that allow your immune system to work properly! Any time you eat seafood, you are fuelling your body with a plethora of nutrients


A, B & D




(keeps bones strong and healthy)


(helps produce more red blood cells)


(important for making immune cells)


(aids brain development in children)


(helps convert food into energy)


(contributes to many important body functions)

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Frozen is the new fresh!

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How do you support ethical and sustainable seafood processes in your daily life?

Well, when it comes to the freezer and fish, frozen really is the new fresh! Freezing fish locks in freshness until you are ready to eat it. By freezing your seafood, you would reduce CO2 emissions by 90% with little or no food waste!

Bringing wave to your table

There are many ways to find great fish and seafood for the dinner table!
Plan to buy by-the-bundles and keep your seafood items in the freezer.
The shelf life on all this delicious, sustainable seafood is one year.

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Tinned seafood is making a comeback! Stock up on tinned seafood because they will keep for up to 3 years.

Scout Canning Tinned Seafood

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Patagonia Provisions

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Add these staples to your fridge!

Kvaroy Arctic Smoked Salmon

Riverence Smoked Trout

Pasturized Crab (U.S. only) check for more information on the best rated crab sources

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Open Blue Cobia

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Pacifico Striped Bass

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Kvaroy Arctic Salmon

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Del Pacifico Shrimp

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Bristol Seafood’s My Fish Dish

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Whole Foods 365 Club Packs

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Tips to know for on-the-goDecorative bubbles

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One major tip we suggest is having your phone handy and always referring to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch website.

Locally sourced is always going to be best! If there is something that you like and isn’t from the U.S. be sure to ask for the country of origin, species and how it was caught.

Pole and line caught is always best as it usually means that it is coming from smaller boats.