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Fish tales

So where does the fish that you’re eating at Pacific Catch come from and how do we choose what to put on our menu? To ensure we only serve you ethically sourced seafood, we need to know every fish’s story—or as we call it, a “fish tale”!

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What we need to know

Here’s the elements of the story that we need to know:

We need to know how, when and where it was caught. The answer to these questions help us determine what is sustainable.


We have to know the farm, farmer, feed source, processor and ratings for each of these things as determined by Seafood Watch (green or yellow ratings), Aquaculture Stewardship Council or the Best Aquaculture Practices rating (2 star BAP or above)

Wild Captured Fish

We have to know the species, location of the catch, catch method and the rating for each as determined by Seafood Watch or the Marine Stewardship Council

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Learn more about how the ratings work

Did you know

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Fish and seafood change hands more than any other product in our food and beverage sourcing system! On average, 9 times! Shortening this chain and the number of middle market factors not only saves time and money but ensures that we have the best chance of getting the best sustainable seafood

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Dive into the fish tales from our menu!